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Life @ SFX in 2024

Click here for our latest 2024 school promotional video.
                            Enrolment for Prep 2025 is now open.
                                            Thanks to Shon Productions and the SFX School Community.

School Magazine #2 2023

Check out all the Semester 2 activities in our school newsletter.

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School Magazine #1 2023

Welcome to our first edition of the SFX News for 2023. Click here.

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Here is a list of our Principal led School tours for the 2024 school year.
    See our students in action and witness learning at its best.   Click here.


Congratulations to our Year 3 & 5 students, their families and teachers on outperforming the Victorian average in all 10 NAPLAN areas in 2022.  Click here.

Fiesta Noventa

A night 90 years in the making.
Click here to view our highlight reel of Fiesta Noventa 2022.  Celebrating 90 years of Catholic education in Montmorency.
    God bless our school. (Video premieres 15.9.22)

SFX News 2022 - 1st Edition

Congratulations to our School Newspaper group and Ms. Godden, our Learning Enrichment teacher, for presenting a beautiful, new edition of our SFX School Newspaper in 2022.  Check out all the latest SFX news by clicking here.

SFX News 2022 - 2nd Edition

If you enjoyed reading the first edition of the SFX News, I am sure you will enjoy the lastest edition.  Happy reading. Click here.

SFX News 2022 - 3rd Edition

Our school newspaper team have produced a wonderful reflection of our term together.  Click here to read the latest SFX news.

SFX News 2022 - 4th Edition

As we conclude the 2022 school year, our SFX newpaper team thank all who have contributed to our final edition for 2022. Click here to read.


The students at SFX are lucky to have a weekly STEM session.  Click here to see all the latest news from the STEM Program

Channel 7 Visit SFX School

Channel 7 News visited St. Francis Xavier Primary School Montmorency last Tuesday when Prep to Year 2 students returned to school after Remote Learning.
It was a cold and foggy Montmorency morning, however there was a warm, welcoming and exciting atmosphere at the school.
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SFX Media Centre

Check out our latest Superstars at SFX....Please click on Read More.....

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Hi Philip,

I just wanted to send a compliment in for the teachers of our two children at St Francis Xavier and to let you know how grateful we are for the hard work and care they are giving them.  They are both really enjoying school and I appreciated a nice update from our teacher today at the time I sent in photos of my child and mum for their Mother's Day activity. They are both enjoying school but also making very good progress this year. Their teacher told me she is setting extra challenges at times with his work and let me know that he lets out a big groan but deep down is enjoying the challenge. :) I haven't put in a formal compliment before but as I'm only managing to drop off on a Monday morning this term and we don't really get a chance to chat and give informal feedback to the teachers on these days, especially with parents not in the classrooms, I decided to put in the effort. At my work, people are sometimes quick to complain... so I think credit should also be given to our teachers when due. I have thanked my teacher by email already but I wanted to inform you too of how grateful we are.   Have a good weekend.


Child Safety

The Safety and Wellbeing of children in our care is our highest priority at St. Francis Xavier School Montmorency.


Click here to read the SFX COVID Safe Plan mandated by the Victorian Government for all workplaces under Level 3 & 4 restrictions.

Updated COVID Safe Plan - 19.2.21. Click here

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