School Mascots

At St Francis Xavier School, we have four school mascots Waddles the Penguin, Aussie the Wombat, Spike the Echidna and Splash the Turtle. These four school mascots also help to promote our Positive Behaviour Expectations to help make our school a beautiful community to be a part of. We want school to be fun for everyone and that is why we provide a safe and positive school environment for our children where positive values and behaviours are acknowledged. 

Our four school mascots represent our four school values; Respectful, Responsible, Resilient and Safe.

Waddles the Penguin is the mascot for being Respectful
We are Respectful
We value ourselves, others and our belongings.
Aussie the Wombat is the mascot for being Responsible
We are Responsible
We take ownership for our behaviour, our actions and our words.
Spike the Echidna is the mascot for being Resilient
We are Resilient
We accept challenging situations as learning opportunities, enabling us to move forward.
Splash the Turtle is the mascot for being Safe
We are Safe
Our choices, actions and words affect the physical and emotional wellbeing of everyone.