Faith Education

St. Francis Xavier School is a faith community, inspired by the love of God, within the Parish of St Francis Xavier, Montmorency. Students are supported to grow in their relationship with God and to respond as active members within their community of faith.

The Religious Education program from Prep to Year 6, is developed from Catholic Education Archdiocese of Melbourne's Horizons of Hope documents; Religious Education Curriculum Framework, as well as the ‘To Know, Worship and Love’ texts.  It also draws upon the richness of the Catholic Social Teaching principles, encouraging students’ to learn about the Church’s mission as global citizens.

Staff work in collaboration to plan engaging units of work for students to be given opportunities to discover more about themselves, the people and world around them and their own faith, supported by the Faith Education and Learning and Teaching Leaders. Students are encouraged to LIVE – be involved, LOVE – be inclusive, LEARN – be enlightened and embrace God’s word.


Classroom Program

  • Religious Education Program Prep – Year Six
  • Sacramental Program – Year Three, Year Four and Year Six
  • Daily Christian Meditation
  • Daily Class Prayer time
  • Regular Class Level Masses and Liturgies
  • Regular School Masses and Liturgies
  • Our daily interactions with each-other
  • Liturgical celebrations and instruction for Easter (Lent) and Christmas (Advent)
  • Year 6 Religious Education Student Leaders
  • Strong Parish connections
  • Commitment to Social Justice

Sacramental Program

St Francis Xavier School is one of three schools within the Catholic Parishes of St Francis Xavier, Montmorency and Our Lady Help of Christians, Eltham. All students and families, no matter their faith denomination are invited to be part of our Sacramental program by the way of Sacrament or Blessing.  Our celebrations of Reconciliation (Year 3), First Eucharist (Year 4) and Confirmation (Year 6) are all celebrated at St Francis Xavier Church and are made up with a balanced number of students from the three Parish schools. Our Parish Priests, Pastor in Solidum: Terry Kean and Moderator: Michael Sierakowski lead these Sacraments with such a beautiful, inclusive manner.  Bishop Terry Curtin joins our Parish for the Sacrament of Confirmation and is equally as inclusive.  In 2020 the Sacrament of Confirmation will be held at St. Patricks Cathedral.

In preparation for the Sacraments, students participate in workshop days at our Parish Church.  These days provide not only an opportunity for the Parish schools to interact with each other but an opportunity to enrich the understanding and development of faith for our students.

Adult faith education and family preparation nights for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation take place each year. An additional Faith night is held for Prep families.


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