St. Francis Xavier School is proud of its partnership with the wider St. Francis Xavier Parish.   The Parish always affords the school strong levels of support for all our students, parents and staff.

Some of the key advantages of this special relationship include:

  • Regular visits to the school by our Parish clergy
  • Parent Faith Formation evenings presented by our Parish clergy
  • Input at staff meetings and reflection days for school staff on their own spirituality
  • School Masses and Sacramental celebrations
  • Pastoral support to school families in crisis or in need of assistance

The Parish details are:

Parish Moderator: Father Michael Sierakowski
Pastor in Solidum: Father Terry Kean

86 Mayona Rd Montmorency. VIC.3094.
Ph: 03 9435 4742


Saturday 6pm Mass   - Eltham
Saturday 6pm Mass   - Montmorency

Sunday 8.30 am Mass   - Montmorency
Sunday 9.30 am Mass   - Eltham
Sunday 10.30 am Mass - Montmorenecy