Digital Technology

We are extremely proud that St Francis Xavier School is a ‘Smart School’, providing devices for every one of our students which enables us to create learning experiences for the digital generation and start their digital citizen learning journey right from Prep.

In 2020 all students from Prep to Year 6 will have a 40 minute Digital Technology class each week in addition to their 40 minute STEM class each week.

Our Prep – Year 2 students enjoy 1:1 iPads, and Year 3 – Year 6 1:1 Chromebooks in their classrooms. They are allocated a school owned device for the entire year, which helps to teach them a sense of ownership and responsibility. Whilst the children do not use these for the entire school day, their teacher will integrate them into their learning across all subjects where appropriate.

Students in years 3 – 6 also have access to 5 iPads per classroom which can be shared between rooms to create a class set.

Students at St Francis Xavier School are fortunate to have such a well resourced and technology rich school to learn at each day.

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