Student Wellbeing

At St Francis Xavier School we encourage partnerships between school, family, parish and the wider community. We actively work to build a positive school environment where each child can feel included, safe, supported and valued. We believe that the development of our students’ spiritual, emotional, social and physical wellbeing is fundamental to their learning success.
Our whole school approach to Student Wellbeing includes:

Student Behaviour Support

  • Positive Behaviour Management (PBM) Whole School Framework
  • Daily Christian Meditation (new in 2021)

Child Safety Standards

  • Health, Identity and Wellbeing Inquiry
  • Compliance with the Child Safe Standards (in accordance with Ministerial Order 870)


Indigenous Immersion

  • Class Totem Poles
  • Fire Carrier Leaders

Student Leadership / Student Voice
  • Year 6 Leadership Roles
  • Class Leadership roles
  • Student Representative Council (SRC)
  • Circle Time

Cyber Safety

  • Student Workshops (Student A.U.P each year)

Wellbeing Core Teams
  • Student Support Group Meetings
  • Intervention Team Meetings

School Camp
  • Year 3 (Day Camp) Year 4 Overnight Camp
  • Year 5/6 - Two night Camp

Social Emotional Programs
  • Buddies (Prep & Year 6)
  • SWELL Week
  • Respectful Relationships 

Lunchtime activities
  • Discovery Centre
  • School Choir
  • Gardening
  • Sports Club
  • Visual Arts Club

Open Doors Foundation Education
  • Human Development – Family Workshops held every two years.  Prep to Year 2 workshop, Year 3 to 4 workshop, Year 5 to 6 workshop

Student Wellbeing Support Framework
  • Student Wellbeing Leader 
  • Learning Support Officers (full time) in each year level from 2020
  • Intervention Team

Values Education
  • Individual Acknowledgement System
  • Whole School Acknowledgement System
  • School Mascots - Respect, Responsible, Safe, Resilient

  • Morning, Recess, Lunch assembly daily
  • Whole School (fortnightly)