Inquiry Learning

Inquiry Learning

The Inquiry curriculum aims to give a level of ownership and responsibility to students, as well as fire up their imagination in creative ways as they investigate the questions they have about the world around them. They are encouraged to ‘take action’ that makes a difference to the lives of others around them, using what they have discovered in their investigations. Learning in this area capitalises on the students’ experiences and allows them to develop their personal learning styles and thinking skills.

A number of key Learning Areas are taught through Inquiry. These include Science, Humanities (Civics and Citizenship, History, Geography, Economics and Business) and Health. For instance, St Francis Xavier Primary School students may be involved in an Inquiry to investigate the Earth, its resources and the human impact on the world. During this Inquiry, students may use skills and concepts linked to Science, Humanities and Health, as well as Religious Education.



When undertaking a Scientific Inquiry, we aim for students at St Francis Xavier to expand their curiosity, develop their critical and creative thinking skills, and challenge themselves to ask questions and explore answers to how the earth, the world, nature, physical and chemical processes operate and function in our daily lives.  Students are encouraged to explore, analyse and explain science phenomena at an age appropriate level based on the Science Inquiry skills of questioning, predicting, planning, conducting, recording, processing, analysing, evaluating and communicating.



Civics and Citizenship and History

Students learn about Australia’s history, democratic process and the various cultural groups that make up our national identity. At St Francis Xavier, we guide students in developing their knowledge, skills and understanding in this area in order to become informed and active citizens of Australia.  We are a FIRE Carrier School who acknowledges the Wurundjeri people as the original custodians of the land upon which our school and parish is situated. Students also participate in key national events, such as Harmony, ANZAC and Remembrance Day, as well as raise the Australian Flag and sing the national anthem on a weekly basis. 


Geography allows St Francis Xavier students to explore, analyse and understand the characteristics and features of various places across the world.  Through this exploration, students develop their curiosity and wonder about the world in which they live and the many people, cultures and environments that make up the natural world. Students at St Francis Xavier are encouraged to make comparisons between all of these and explore how they are all interconnected and the responsibility we as humans have to the world.

Business and Economics

The ways in which in which individuals, families, the community and government make decisions around money and allocation of resources is explored through Business and Economics.  Whilst the teaching of this curriculum area formally begins in Year Five, Inquiry allows all students at varying year levels to begin to explore, investigate, identify, reason and consider how individuals use money.



Health Inquiry is a key component in assisting students at St Francis Xavier to develop their understanding of the physical, emotional, social and spiritual components that contribute to human wellbeing and personal identity.  Students explore the links between a positive attitude, a strong sense of identity and connectedness and the ways we engage with others to build and manage respectful relationships.